Passionate about sharing your treasures!

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”

Edgar Degas

Dear visitor,

A group of enthusiasts, brought together by our love for discovering cities, the Arts and culture, we created Blue Lion Guides driven by the desire to develop new engaging and enriching experiences through the use of innovative technologies.

This vision is at the core of our mission: to help museums, heritage sites and local communities to share, transmit and enhance the historic and artistic riches they cherish and preserve in the face of today’s challenges.

We aim to convey your knowledge and the untold stories ingrained in your heritage to your visitors. As with Dante in the Divine Comedy, it is far better to find your path in learning when you are guided through this discovery.

My personal path in sharing knowledge started as a tourist guide in Rome during my young years as a History student; I thoroughly enjoyed discovering and showing visitors the hidden gems and little known secrets of the eternal city, enticed to stimulate curiosity and inspire awe.

In the late 2000s, as technology opened new frontiers for mobile devices, BLG took shape and published over 20 thematic digital guides, portraying many different facets and perspectives of Paris, the city of lights. Today we are able to provide you access to our evolving platform to fully leverage the opportunities of mobile engagement.

We walk a fine line between enhancing the visitor’s experience and the possibly distracting use of technology, mindful that your treasures and heritage remain at the heart of the visitor’s experience; our vocation is to enable and inspire people to discover and explore them, keeping it simple.

If you share our values and aim to share your treasures, offering an enhanced experience to your visitors and nurturing a long-lasting relationship, we would be delighted to welcome you in our community and help you make this happen.

Talk to us, we share your passion!
Yours truly,

Antonio Ca’Zorzi
CEO and founder BLG

The Team

Different paths, the same goal

Antonio Ca’ Zorzi


Giovanni Ca’ Zorzi

Project manager

Mathias Caillol


Michel Zam

Scientific advisor

Philippe Caillol

UX / UI Designer

Sophie Masson

MArketing and Digital Strategy

Stephane Laurière

Technical coordinator

Ulrike Kasper

Editorial advisor

The Authors

Artists, writers and passionate guides joined up by the desire to share their knowledge and create wonderful interactive tours and memorable experiences

Alain Rustenholz

Amandine Robert

Antonio Ca’ Zorzi

Bruno et Frank La Brasca

Claudia Viggiani

Daniel Soulié

Françoise Hotier

Gilles Popineau d’Arthon

Jean-Christophe Sarrot

Martial Courcier

Patrick Maunand

Paulina Spiechowicz

Sebastian Wanless

Ulrike Kasper