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Do we really know those places and monuments that
have been silent witnesses of famous events and people?
These tours revitalize history with an immersive experience.

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Silk Museum of Abbadia Lariana

BY Blue Lion

One of the most significant evidence of the development of the silk industry in the Larian area. The exhibition walks you trough the stages of silk processing reproducing the environment, with its original tools and still functioning machinery, of a silk yarn factory from the second half of the 19th century.

Duration : 1h301 tours

Navigation Museum of Capodimonte

BY Sebastian Wanless

A journey full of suggestions and knowledge, to discover the history of navigation of the inland waters in the area of ​​the Bolsena lake, broadening the gaze throughout central Italy and beyond.

Duration : 1h301 tours
Poster Mediterranean Masks Museum

The Museum of Mediterranean Masks

BY Blue Lion

This guide walks you trough the cultural universe of Mamoiada, known throughout the world for its traditional masks, the Mamuthones and the Issohadores, revealing the communion of history and culture trough the representations and carnival masks of the Mediterranean regions.

Duration : 1h301 tours

La Commune de Paris

BY les amis et amies de la Commune de Paris 1871

Emblematic, the Père Lachaise cemetery. Bitter fighting took place there on May 27. The next day, 147 Communards were shot …

Duration : 2h301 tours

Promenades in Chatou

BY Mairie de Chatou

Let us briefly explore the history of Chatou, a river town, marked by its strategic position at the gates of Paris and on the way to the royal town of Saint-Germain-en Laye. Crossed by the Gauls, Romans, Franks and …

Duration : 2h302 tours


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