Bruno et Frank La Brasca

Bruno et Frank La Brasca

Primarily bound by brotherhood , Bruno and Frank are also by their quality of intramural Parisians, although they come from an immigrant family from beyond the Alps.

The eldest was born in the late ’40s in the maternity of the Hôtel -Dieu , close to the geometric center of Paris.

His younger brother, meanwhile, was born with a midwife officiating in the early ’50s at the Hôtel de Beauvais, recently restored, one of the finest examples of the golden age of the Marais.

Childhood unfolded naturally (Paris was not at that time engaged in the unchallenged dominance in what could be called “the bagnolarde mediocracy “) in relative freedom of movement in this part of the then very popular center of the capital called the Saint- Paul, delimited by Place de la Bastille in the east, the Town Hall in the West (what scientists call “Decumanus”), the Place de la République north and the famous old market (the “cardo” for the historians) .

Maybe it is to the foolish and reckless races through the maze of streets contained in this perimeter that they own both the visceral love for old Paris and, later, the taste to penetrate deeper into its many mysteries.

Then life, as they say has done its work : the eldest of the siblings followed an academic career that led him to become familiar with the world of culture and learning, while the youngest wanted to taste the delights and the tortures of the boards.

But one and the other, never lost and keep up to date this immoderate taste linger mid-learned , half- joking as they try whenever possible to share with friends and casual visitors.

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Esoteric Paris: from the Virtual Temple to the Abolished Tower

BY Bruno et Frank La Brasca

Discovering esoteric Paris: the first route takes you through the Temple district to the whole of Saint Jacques. 
Among all the readings that can be done in the city of Paris, there is obviously the esoteric reading, a category that no large human concentration can do without.
This is what authenticated spiritual masters such as Gilles Corrozet, Éliphas Lévi, Papus, Fulcanelli, René Guénon, Jean Phaure as well as some of the most prestigious writers and poets of the 19th and 20th centuries did (Honoré de Balzac, Gérard de Nerval, Victor Hugo, Joris-Karl Huysmans, Jean Cocteau, André Breton, André Queneau) and even more recently, successful novelists such as Umberto Eco or Dan Brown, whose Da Vinci Code has been the worldwide success that has been knows. 
This audio guide will lead you to the discovery of the secret spiritual doctrines from which so many men of letters and beyond draw their inspiration.

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