Daniel Soulié

Daniel Soulié

Daniel Soulié is an archaeologist and art historian. Specialist in Egyptian archeology, he has worked since 1988 at the Louvre museum. Passionate about architecture and urbanism, he teaches these two specialties and the Egyptian epigraphy. Moreover, he is the author of many books about ancient Egypt but also about the Louvre museum, its architecture and its collections.

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Small and great history of the Louvre Palace

BY Daniel Soulié

Since the late 12th century, the Louvre plays a prominent role in the history of Paris, as in the country’s history.

Associated with the heart of power for more than 800 years, its walls have witnessed many events, happy, unhappy, important or anecdotal, all of which, in their own way, participate in the great History. In the salons of the old King’s apartment, the academies sat for more than a century, abandoned wings were inhabited by the greatest artists of their time, and some rooms of the museum are still attached to the presence of ‘an important scientist …

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