Gilles Popineau d’Arthon

Gilles Popineau d’Arthon

Gilles Popineau d’Arthon has been teaching International Relations, Political and Constitutional History and the History of European institutions to American students mastering in Political Sciences in various universities in Paris over many years. His passion for  cultural exchanges led him to establish “ Sur les Chemins de l’Histoire” (“On the Roads of History”), an association within which  he organizes conferences, seminars, expeditions, cultural tours, and itinerant courses in France and abroad, activities which he continues to perform with various universities. 

His love for travel, history and architecture has taken him, with students or by himself, to travel the world tirelessly and to set foot in over seventy countries across five continents. 

With its millennial heritage, Paris, his homeport, would no less call to his sensibility, and engage him to address this city’s bustling and fascinating history.

His visits

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