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Are you a small museum, an art gallery or a heritage site?

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A survey we conducted among small cultural institutions shows that more than 50% of small museums and heritage sites are constrained by limited resources in their quest to provide meaningful experiences trough mobile engagement. At Blue Lion Guides we work to help all cultural institutions and local communities, no matter their size, to reach out to their audiences.

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Customers’ case studies

We like to relate to our customers as our partners, to listen to their specific needs and to help them make their vision a reality. Their feedback contributes to the further development of our platform for the benefit of the entire BLG community.

Promenades in Chatou

Case studies

BLG created a platform for setting up walking tours in the city’s area with interactive maps, descriptions and audioguides.

La Commune de Paris

Case studies

BLG was hired by the association to set-up a guide of the Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris, which was the sport of the latest battles of the Parisian Commune and burial of most of its leaders.




Our visitors appreciate enormously the service we are offering with your apps. Many give them a five star rating and say that they have not seen such well-made multimedia guides in other museums

Mario Paffi – Director of Museum of Mediterranean Masques


Reconsidering the role of museums


Digitization cannot be limited to making its collections accessible online but must offer the conditions and means to ensure a sustainable future and the validity of museums for future generations as well.

The way ahead with audio and mobile guides


The main objective of any museum is to raise interest and passion by the local community which should be involved in its life and consider it it’s own cultural heritage.

Covid-19 – An opportunity for the Cultural sector?


If the outcome of the pandemic crisis is not yet clear, the key to overcome the emergency faster relies in the capacity of the single actors to attract the attention of the public by varying their offer and radiating their own influence in the surrounding community.