About us


Blue Lion guides are produced by Mobile Itineraries SARL, a French company created in 2011. Dedicated to the development of contents in the touristic and cultural area, Mobile Itineraries SARL favors features offered by new technologies to create its guides, whether for the Web or mobile apps.

Our team includes two program managers for overseeing all publishing processes from the manuscripts to the app. In addition, a marketing and public relations manager is in charge of promoting Blue Lion guides.

The Blue Lion team also includes a graphic designer who has directed and coordinated the graphic design charter for the app and the communication tools, a webmaster in charge of the website and a team of technical partners. The latter manages the development of the platform collecting the content of our guides in development and adapting it into the app.

Offer for museums and cultural or touristic institutions

Mobile Itineraries SARL offers its know-how expertise in translating cultural contents into application to stakeholders involved in the tourism and culture sectors. Contact us for more information.

Tél. : +33 (0)9 51 88 06 11